OEAA 2020 – UNMC Healing Arts

OEAA 2020 – UNMC Healing Arts

Bellevue University Active Shooter Scenario

On May 18, 2018, Bellevue University hosted a multi-jurisdictional exercise simulating an active shooter scenario in conjunction with area law enforcement, fire and rescue, hospitals, and homeland security. This video is intended as a training resource for future large-scale exercises.

The Buzz – George ‘Kip’ Kippley

George ‘Kip’ Kippley and his wife support a kindergarten at Domsai Mission, near Zomba, Malawi. Kip and Debbie travel there every two years to bring supplies to support the school and to work with SAFE Africa and GoGo Grandmothers.

eSports Player Profile – Nick Kujawa

Nick Kujawa earned a scholarship to play for Bellevue University’s eSports League of Legends team and is excited to be here because he would not have had an opportunity to attend college otherwise.

Kimberly Vaughn – PhD Graduate

Kimberly Vaughan discusses the tremendous tragedy she has overcome in her life and her experience in obtaining her PhD from Bellevue University.

Passion For Leadership

This is Passion Nation. We are Passion Nation.

Untold Omaha – Omaha Creative Week

Omaha Creative Week celebrates the greatest social and economic transformation of our time — when creative talent and fresh ideas transcend rigid organizations and hard assets. Omaha Creative Week celebrates local innovation in culture, businesses, education, social services along with those who create new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations of the status quo.

Mad Cow Paintball – Safety Video

Paintball is a great sport that is completely safe to play as long as you follow the rules.