eSports Streaming Class Promo

Promo for the online streaming class offered at Bellevue University featuring DrLupo

Bellevue University Active Shooter Scenario

On May 18, 2018, Bellevue University hosted a multi-jurisdictional exercise simulating an active shooter scenario in conjunction with area law enforcement, fire and rescue, hospitals, and homeland security. This video is intended as a training resource for future large-scale exercises.

Bellevue University Year in Review 2017

A look at the things accomplished by Bellevue University in 2017

eSports Hype Reel

Michael Godek Artist Profile

Michael Godek, a 1996 Bellevue University MFA graduate, speaks about his career as a painter and sculptor.

Omaha Chamber of Commerce – Prosper Omaha 2.0 Speech

Nebraska eSports Expo 2018

The Buzz – George ‘Kip’ Kippley

George ‘Kip’ Kippley and his wife support a kindergarten at Domsai Mission, near Zomba, Malawi. Kip and Debbie travel there every two years to bring supplies to support the school and to work with SAFE Africa and GoGo Grandmothers.

Bellevue University eSports – League of Legends Open Promo